In memory of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution

DRI at a Glance



Informing the World about Practical Disaster Management and How Wonderful Peaceful Coexistence Is

Natural disasters occur without warning and inflict grave damage. Today the world wonders what must be done to mitigate the harm these disasters do to society. One of the answers is this Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution.

The DRI, established in Hyogo Prefecture in April 2002 with the support of the Japanese government, is operated by the Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute. Our mission is to mold a culture of disaster awareness, enhance local capacity for disaster management, support the development of disaster management policies, and contribute to creating civic collaboration on safety and security as well as a society with reduced disaster related risks. We do this by passing on experiences from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and making the lessons learned available for the future. We are informing the world both today and posterity about creating a society less at risk from disasters, the importance of life, and how wonderful peaceful coexistence is.

Furthermore, as a center of global disaster management research, we aspire to become an information hub on effective disaster policies in general.