In memory of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution

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West Bldg. Floor Guide

Library (Free Zone)

Library (Free Zone): View materials and study disaster management

In the Library we collect, preserve and display materials related to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. The collection can be searched via one of the terminals in the Library or through our website. You can also talk with staff about materials on earthquakes and disaster management.

Relive the Earthquake
  • 1/17 Theater

    1/17 Theater (Time: 7 min)

    Powerful visuals and sound on the big screen let you experience the earthquake’s dreadful devastation.

    Three showings per hour (on the hour; 20 mins past the hour; 40 mins past the hour)

    Click here for a preview.

  • Streets After the Quake

    Streets After the Quake

    Realistically reproduces the city streets in the earthquake’s aftermath.

  • Great Earthquake Hall

    Great Earthquake Hall (Time: 15 min)

    A drama presents the path to reconstruction and the challenges survivors faced.

Earthquake Memories
  • Memories Corner

    Memories Corner

    Stories and quake-related artifacts from donors are on display here. Use our dedicated Wi-Fi connection to see details about the materials on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Path to Reconstruction Corner

    Path to Reconstruction Corner

    Texts and visuals tell what life in the city was like in the earthquake’s aftermath and during the reconstruction process.

  • Survivor Testimony Corner

    Survivor Testimony Corner

    Movies present what happened in the quake and survivors relate their own experiences.

Disaster Management & Mitigation Activities
  • Disaster Info Station

    Disaster Info Station

    Learn about natural disasters that happen all over the world today.

  • Disaster Mgmt. and Mitigation Workshop

    Disaster Mgmt. and Mitigation Workshop

    Gain practical knowledge about disaster management and mitigation through activities and games.

  • Future of Disaster Management Gallery

    Future of Disaster Management Gallery

    Here you’ll find a variety of exhibits on disaster management.

Guidance Rooms
Guidance Rooms

Guidance Rooms (Earthquake Study Program)
(Time: 30-40 min, reservation required)

  • Program 1

    Survivors relate their experiences during the earthquake.

  • Program 2 (For elem. & Jr. high students, weekdays only)

    Disaster prevention seminar by an Institution researcher

East Bldg. Floor Guide

Water & Disaster Mitigation Learning
  • Miracle of the Planet of Life

    Miracle of the Planet of Life

    Earth is a miraculous planet teeming with a diversity of animal and plant life. An owl will talk to you about this planet of water floating in the cosmos.

  • A Song in Praise of the Water Planet

    A Song in Praise of the Water Planet

    Watch a movie about how our lives are made possible by our abundance of water and the gifts of nature.

  • The Threat of Wind and Water Disasters

    The Threat of Wind and Water Disasters

    Dual screens play a series of real-life videos about damage inflicted by wind and water.

  • Citizen Gallery

    Citizen Gallery

    This gallery presents initiatives taken by citizens and international disaster management bodies.

  • Onward to Tomorrow

    Onward to Tomorrow

    This section will get you thinking about how we can prepare for and mitigate disasters. Have fun learning with an easy-to-use computer for studying about disaster management.

  • Multipurpose Room

    Multipurpose Room

    View exhibits on the massive damage future earthquakes could cause along the Nankai Trough, in Tokyo and elsewhere.

Heart Theater
Heart Theater

See movies including a documentary about the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster zone.
Two showings per hour (on the hour; half past the hour).

Great East Japan Earthquake
Scars of the Tsunami 2011-2013
(Time: 25 min)
Freddy the Leaf
(Time: 15 min)
Tue-Sun 10:00   10:30   11:30
12:00   12:30   13:30
14:00   14:30   15:30
16:00   16:30
17:30 (Only on Fri & Sat, Jul-Aug)