Disaster Reduction Alliance Forum 2007



January 22 (Monday), 2007


JICA Hyogo International Center


Disaster Reduction Alliance (Secretariat: Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution), Hyogo Prefecture

View of the forum stage

The Disaster Reduction Alliance Forum was organized by the Disaster Reduction Alliance (DRA), whose members are located in and around a new urban center in the HAT Kobe, and Hyogo Prefecture. Riding the waves of the previous “Pass on the experiences and lessons from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake to the future” theme, it was staged this year under the theme of “Activities in Disaster Reduction Education” and attended by about 80 persons from member organizations and other organizations involved with disaster preparedness and education.

Nobue Kunizaki in her

In the keynote speech, Crisis-Management Adviser Nobue Kunizaki spoke as a mother and housewife about methods of disaster reduction education intended to protect the lives of family members. In her speech, she introduced a demonstration with eggshells that teaches children about the dangers of shattered glass.

She emphasized that it is important to draw a child’s interest and provide them with hands-on learning opportunities in order that they take proper action in an emergency. Rather than light-hearted lessons and formatted drills, education that develops their ability to make decisions, protect themselves and survive is absolutely necessary.

Panel discussion

In the panel discussion that followed, Associate Professor of Kyoto University Katsuya Yamori presented seven approaches to disaster reduction education, such as community involvement and cross-generational involvement, and probed each of the panelists for keywords in disaster reduction education. From the discussions, Genta Nakano of Ritsumeikan University, who actively imparts disaster reduction education not only in Japan but also in Sri Lanka and other countries, suggested that disaster reduction education should be easy to understand and practical so that students sense the reality. Then, Kobe University graduate school students Yon Arsal and Mulyono spoke about the translation they did of a picture book about disaster reduction education for elementary school children and other activities aimed at conveying its content to children in their native country of Indonesia. Mr. Mulyono pointed out that disaster reduction education must be fun, while Mr. Arsal cited the need to make communities more disaster-resilient through disaster reduction education, but most developing economies lack the knowledge and financial resources to achieve this. For this reason, they spoke in favor of prioritizing and focusing education on children through both formal and informal education.

Twelve years have passed since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and our growing weaknesses are beginning to show partly because there are an increasing number of people even within the Kobe area who have never experienced an earthquake. Given the predictions for heightened disasters in this day and age, the DRA believes that it is necessary to take future discussions of disaster reduction education to deeper levels in order to eliminate these weaknesses and prepare younger generations. This forum is one such opportunity to appeal that importance.

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