Prof Yoshiaki Kawata UN SASAKA Award for Disaster Reduction
Commemoration Disaster Reduction Alliance Forum 2008



March 17 (Monday), 2008


Potopia Hall


Disaster Reduction Alliance (Secretariat: Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution) and Hyogo Prefecture are joint organizers of this event.

View of the forum stage

Disaster Reduction Alliance Forum 2008 was held at Portopia Hall in Kobe on March 17th. This forum was held in commemoration of Prof Kawata, the executive director of Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution, having been awarded UN SASAKAWA Award for Disaster Reduction 2007 last October. About 400 people participated in this forum, including members of DRA, the government officer of a disaster prevention department, the researcher of disaster prevention, and foreigners who were from the countries where disasters were occurred.

Ian Davis in his presentation

Disaster Reduction Alliance (DRA) was established as a loose-knit network of international disaster prevention organizations located in Kobe New Eastern City Center (HAT KOBE) in October 2002. This is the fifth time since the Disaster Reduction Alliance Forum has been held once a year.

Yoshiaki Kawata in his

In the Opening Remarks, Mr. Toshitami Kaihara, chairperson of DRA, celebrated Prof. Kawata for the UN SASAKAWA Award for Disaster Reduction 2007. After that, Prof. Ian Davis, Visiting Professor of Cranefield University, the United Kingdom, , introduced Hyogo’s contribution to overseas and expectation from overseas to Hyogo in the field of global disaster prevention, and Prof. Kawata explained about the present condition and a problem in Japan.

In the Panel Discussion, in which Prof. Hayashi, Professor of Kyoto University, joined as coordinator, Prof Davis and Prof Kawata exchanged opinion each other about the management technique against the evolving disaster, besides the contents of the keynote lecture.

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This event was organized by the kind cooperation and financial support of the Hyogo Earthquake memorial 21st Century Research Institute and Hyogo Safety Day Committee.