Here you can find answers to common questions about reservations and visits.

Visiting DRI

Screenings at the 1/17 Theater begin every hour at 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 50 past the hour. Capacity is 120 people per screening. Please wait for a subsequent screening if the theater is full.

The DRI’s walking route is one-way. In the West Bldg. it goes from the 4th floor (video program), to the 3rd floor (exhibits) and then the 2nd floor (more exhibits). Please follow the assigned route. Also, re-entry is not permitted.

Yes, you can. The 1/17 Theater is wheelchair accessible. Inquire at Visitor Information for details. If many members of your party use wheelchairs, then you may need to enter the theater in separate groups.

No. The 1/17 Theater movie reproduces the moment of the earthquake on the big screen, but you will not feel any physical shaking.

The Great Earthquake Hall has devices for translation into English, Chinese and Korean, although the number of devices is limited. Please inquire at the reservation window before you begin your tour. We have approved volunteer linguists to provide English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish interpreting services on the exhibition floor, but please note that these linguists are volunteers, so one might not be available at the time of your visit. If you would like a volunteer linguist to accompany you, please inquire at the reservation window in advance of your visit.

Guidance Rooms are not available for rent. Also, DRI does not have rental meeting room facilities.

You may take photos in most areas of the institution if they are not for commercial purposes. Click here (in Japanese) or contact us for more information on areas where photography is prohibited.

For safety reasons, please refrain from boarding and alighting in the parking area. There is a dedicated boarding point for buses on the south side of the institution (facing the sea).

The institution does not provide a dining area.

Admission Fees

Visitors who present a certificate or other documentation proving your disability are admitted for half the usual price. There is also a 50% discount for caregivers (up to one caregiver per disabled visitor). (If visiting in a group, you get half off the group price.)

For Other Inquiries

Tour reservationsVisitor Information Tel: +81-78-262-5050
Questions about exhibitsAdministration Section Tel: +81-78-262-5502
Questions about volunteersAdministration Section Tel: +81-78-262-5501
Questions about training programsProject Section Tel: +81-78-262-5067
Questions about the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation InstitutionPromotion Section Tel: +81-78-262-5066