Floor Maps

Floor Maps

West Bldg. Floor Guide

5F Library

Library (Free Zone): View materials and study disaster management

In the Library we collect, preserve and display materials related to the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. The collection can be searched via one of the terminals in the Library or through our website. You can also talk with staff about materials on earthquakes and disaster management.

4F Re-experience the Earthquake

1.17 Theater

“Hit at 5:46” (Screen time: 7 minutes)
The tremendous destructive power of the Great Hanshin -Awaji Earthquake is portrayed using sound and dramatic images on a big screen.
[ Starts every 20 minutes- 00, 20 and 40.]

Streets just after the Earthquake

The realistic dioramas reproduce devastated streets just after the Great Hanshin – Awaji Earthquake.

The Great Earthquake Hall

“Living in This Town” (Screen time: 15 minutes)
Documentary films showing towns, the people and the problems faced during the recovery and reconstruction process after the earthquake up to present day.
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese

3F Memories of the Earthquake

Memories Corner

This corner exhibits earthquake related-material along with the stories of those who donated the materials.
Languages: English Chinese and Korean

Reconstruction from the Earthquake Corner

People’s lives and aspects of the towns in the reconstruction process after the earthquake are explained with graphics.

Storytellers’ Corner

Stories and experiences of the earthquake are shown by video and told by storytellers in person.

2F Experience Protection & Reduction against Disaster

Disaster Information Station

Learn about natural disasters currently occurring around the world.

Disaster Protection and Reduction Workshop

Learn about disasters and how to protect yourself from them through games and demonstrations.

Gallery of Disaster Prevention for the Future

Holding various exhibitions on disasters, disaster prevention and reduction.

East Bldg. Floor Guide

3F BOSAI Science Field

Reopening after renovations in 2021

Disaster Wall

This wall shows you how natural disasters occur where natural phenomena intersect with people’s lives.

Geo & Sky Hall

Here, you will learn the mechanisms of natural phenomena and experience how they relate to natural disasters.

Hazard VR Port

You can experience sites where earthquakes, tsunamis, storms and floods occurred through 360° VR video and audio.

Mission Room

The Mission Room realistically reproduces a home and convenience store, so you can train yourself to judge the situation and know when to evacuate.

Question Cube

By watching scenes recorded during a disaster and answering quizzes, you will learn the best action to take to save your life.

Discovery Lounge

Learn the latest knowledge about disaster prevention and mitigation, and leave your own message about what you think should be done or what you are determined to do going forward.

1F Heart Theater (Running time: about 15 minutes)

New movie screening starts in April 2022.

What should you do to save your own life when you actually encounter a disaster ? This theater shows movies that ask this question.
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese

Tue – Sun10:00|10:30|11:00|11:30|12:00|12:30|
* Only on Fridays and Saturdays, and July to September
Fri & Sat18:00|18:30